Over 50 years of design and technology dedicated to comfort.

A man and his dream

Innovation without compromise.

ECCO began as a response to uncompromising footwear. More than 40 years ago in the small southern Jutland town of Bredebro, Denmark, Karl Toosbuy pioneered a revolution in footwear, choosing comfort over conformity. Tired of having his feet mould to his shoes, he charged that the foot should lead the shoe. A new type of footwear was born, crafted both by hand and “by heart”.

At ECCO, we don’t compromise. Comfort, flexibility, Scandinavian design, and thriving innovation lead the way—shaping how we build our shoes and grow our company.

The Vision

To be the best shoe company in the world.

ECCO designs footwear to meet your needs. Whether you’re taking the stairs, walking 36 holes, or scrambling over rocky slopes, ECCO delivers superior fit, durability, support, and flexibility. Our advanced construction techniques and continuous exploration in materials science add up to comfort you can count on. You’ll notice the difference immediately—and at the end of an intense hike or after walking a dozen blocks, you’ll continue to appreciate the difference of ECCO.

A different design approach

Versatility and Innovation under the same roof.

ECCO approaches design a little differently. We design from the inside out: inside every comfortable shoe is a foot. Outside, you’ll find inspiration from nature and fashion trends, the simplicity of Scandinavian design, environmental circumstances, and all the ways you run through the day. That’s all important. We respond with shoes that take you from work to play, from casual Friday to tea time on Saturday and back through that great hiking trail on Sunday. We design our shoes to live up to all your functional needs. And inside it all is a comfortable foot.

Philosophy of Innovation

Advanced materials, high performance, and beautiful styling.

To better build for comfort, we reinvented how shoes should fit. Conventional shoes fit across your feet at the toes, restricting the way your toes spread as you walk. ECCO’s “Freedom Fit” fits from heel to instep, allowing toes to spread naturally to better support your weight and foster a more comfortable walking experience.

In this manner, ECCO’s design philosophy embraces innovation—and tradition. European design is all about advanced materials, high performance, and beautiful styling. We explore and create at the nexus of these goals. Our award-winning designers draw inspiration from life around us, our heritage, and new materials to make every shoe a work of art that puts technology at the service of nature.

GORE-TEX® technology

Guaranteed to keep you Dry.

Just like you, your ECCO shoes breathe. Many ECCO shoes feature GORE-TEX, a waterproof, breathable membrane that wicks a way moisture and prevents it from coming in in the first place. With 1.4 billion+ pores per square centimeter, GORE-TEX wicks away water vapor so it can evaporate and feet stay dry. ECCO is the leading licensed manufacturer of footwear that offers the GORE-TEX Keep You Dry® guarantee. Combine this with ECCO’s Direct Injected technology for the most waterproof footwear available.

The Ecco Shoes

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