Lloyd shoes are the real deal – founded in Germany in 1888, this award-winning brand has been around long enough to survive two world wars, 80s hair bands and early 2000s fashion.

Elegance is timeless, and so are these shoes – in this blog post we take a deeper look at just what makes Lloyd shoes stand out above the rest.

1. It is all about the shoe


The height of sophistication, these shoes are so elegantly designed that they are a work of art within themselves. We are what we wear – and putting these gems on your feet are bound to earn you respect from your peers – even if it’s just for your insanely good taste.

2. When craftsmanship takes priority


Just look at them – each stitch perfectly sewn, the level of attention to detail given to these shoes is astounding. In addition to looking flawless, the precision in their creation process also guarantees maximum strength and durability. Which brings us to…

3. Built to last and endure


Renowned for their strict manufacturing practices, Lloyd do not tamper with their products and their components. You can rest assured that the top quality leather used hasn’t been tarnished with toxic glues or harmful dyes.

4. Look good on a clear conscience with eco-friendly shoes



Lloyd offers environmentally friendly choices through their collection, and their range of shoes is made entirely from natural products and manufactured from renewable raw materials. The current range of shoes from Lloyd is the perfect option for the eco-conscious consumer.

5. Wearing shoes has never felt so good


When you get your hands on your first (or second, or third…) pair, they feel so smooth and plush you’ll find yourself debating whether you want to wear them on your hands or your feet. Eventually you’ll choose your feet (hopefully), and then you can admire your shoes from a short distance.

6. Made especially for you (and your half-sized foot)


If you’re a little bit like a Goldilocks and your shoes are always just a tad too big or too small, then you’re in luck with Lloyd. Lloyd shoes come in half sizes, saving you the trouble of buying insoles, or wearing shoes that pinch your toes – this time you know that your shoes will fit just right

7. You’ll have never looked better


How good do you want to look? Probably very good is the answer. Well, let’s not underplay this – what you want is to look confident, sophisticated and successful. This last reason really is a no-brainer – just one pair of these bad boys is sure to make you feel like a man at the top of his game.

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