Nothing says you’re taking your date really seriously than bringing out your finest pair of shoes. It’s long been established that the best things come in pairs, so we’ve put together a list of Valentine’s dates and some of our favourite pairs of shoes.

So, if you’re going out for:

A nice dinner


Brown leather brogues by ECCO

You’ve got a reservation booked at that little bistro on corner and a single red rose waiting by the door. If there is one occasion where you want to look suave and debonair, it’s this one. We highly recommend coupling a fitted blue or grey suit along with a pair of brown brogues, which will add a classic touch to a super smart look.

A night out


Black high heels by ECCO

Nothing says love like a little music and lots of dancing. On a night like Valentine’s, looking and feeling your best is paramount. Luckily, there’s a great selection of gorgeous, yet comfortable shoes that will help you stay on your feet, and feel great doing it. Go on, slip your heels on and dance the night away!

A romantic stroll


Black patent sneakers by ECCO

It’s nearly the end of your date, and the night is drawing to a close – but no good date is complete without a romantic stroll. Whether you’re walking on the promenade or cobbled city streets, it’s at this point where you might fall head over heels – at least, we hope it happens figuratively, and not literally. If you feel unsure about wearing high heels for a long time, you can always pick out a pair of black patent shoes to compliment your outfit and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

A day out


Brown leather Oxfords by ECCO

Some people take Valentine’s super seriously, and if you’re one of those people then you’ve probably got every minute detail of the day planned out. Whether you’re going on holiday or you’re taking the day off to spend it with your special someone, we’ve got the perfect pair of shoes to see you through it all. If you’re caught without any time to spare to change your shoes between activities, these beauts will guarantee you looking your sharpest and keeping your feet happy, all day long.

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