If you love sneakers as much as we do then we definitely understand the temptation to wear these comfortable and stylish shoes as often as possible. However, as luck would have it, sometimes we’re faced with people who try to ruin our fun. How many times have you been warned to change out of your sneakers into something more “appropriate”? Probably one time too many.

Here’s 5 ways we think you can get away with wearing sneakers 24/7.

Find the balance between function and fashion


This girl looks happy. She is also wearing sneakers. Coincidence? We think not.

We can’t guarantee you can get away with wearing sneakers to a wedding or graduation party, but most of the time life hardly calls for super formal footwear round the clock. If your activities for the day call for comfort and style then sneakers are the way to go – if your day calls for uncomfortable small talk and shaking random people’s hands, maybe think twice.

Joggers, leggings or jeans?


This black and blue combo has never looked better.

One of the joys of wearing sneakers is that they are so easily matched with most outfits. Considering your trousers make up half your outfit (at least we hope it does), their style will help you round off the message you’re trying to send. Case in point, particular styles send out specific messages, such as; joggers say today’s my day off; leggings usually say I was working out, doesn’t my bum look great?; and nothing says cooler than cool than jeans paired with a pair of ECCOs.

Always accessorise


The options are endless – you can accessorise your outfit so easily using sunglasses, a snapback, a statement jacket, or some jewellery – just not all at once #accessoryoverload. It’s probably safe to say that any sneakers from the ECCO Soft 3 collection will steal the spotlight, no matter what you’re wearing.

Colour is everything

Cool 2.0 resized

ECCO Cool 2.0 collection are cool and colourful from every angle

When the weather is grey out, there’s nothing like being a walking source of colour, bringing vitality to everyone you meet. The benefit of sneakers is that they’re often colourful and add so much personality, not just to your look, but to you as a person. At the end of the day, why live in monochrome when you could live in colour?

Comfort counts


The way we see it is, sneakers are comfortable as hell, and if you’re comfortable then you’re probably pretty happy. We like to believe that there’s nothing that will help you look better than your best than a winning smile and endless confidence.

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