Picture this: you’re in a hurry to rush out of the house and are on the very brink of running late. You need to set off for a long day brimming with meetings, niggling little errands to tick off your ‘to-do’ list and to top it all off, you’ve been invited to drinks after work. You’re just about ready to leave, but you just can’t find the right pair of shoes to suit your day; is it time to panic yet?

Not so fast! If you’ve got a pair of Ecco sneakers handy, the answer to that is ‘not at all’! Just throw them on and you’re sorted for the day.

‘What? Sneakers? I can’t wear those to work and fancy drinks…can I?’

Ladies and gents of the world, we’re pleased to tell you in 2018 sneakers are not just sneakers. They’re problem-solvers, confidence-boosters, life-savers and outfit-makers. Not quite convinced? That’s fine – today we’re taking a quick look at 3 reasons why the right pair of sneakers can give your day-to-day life the extra kick it needs.

Comfort without compromise

Once upon a time, sneakers were exiled to the world of the fashion faux pas, but that’s far from true these days. Forget about giving up comfort for style or vice versa – you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a style and colour to suit your lifestyle and look. Now you can go about your day looking – and feeling – like you’re walking on candyfloss with the right pair of Ecco sneakers adorning your feet.

Effortless style

If you love rocking a look that says ‘I threw this together in two minutes and look completely fantastic’, then sneakers are your absolute best friend. A quality pair of soft-geometry sneakers can turn a simple jeans and a nice top combo into a killer, confidence-boosting outfit, especially during Malta’s sultry summer months. Go from running errands to sipping cocktails in the capital without missing a beat. You’ll be on point from morning to night.

Quality that lasts

Granted, there are some sneakers out there that really don’t age well: scuffs, wear and tear, shoddy stitchwork – you name it, we’ve seen it, and we know it breaks your heart. That’s where Ecco comes in with its winning mix of durability, wearability and style! We know you’ll love your Ecco sneakers so much, you’ll find yourself wearing them practically every single day – so you can relax knowing that they’ll really last (especially if you treat them right).

Ready to make your life that little bit easier? Step into King Shoe Shop and find your sole-mate!

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