Hey guys! Here are some rules and conditions for our giveaway in the month of June where you’ll be given the chance to win €400 CASH. The giveaway will run from the 1st June till the 26th June.
When you spend €100 at any one of our shops you’ll be entitled to 1 ticket where you need to fill in your name, mobile number, and your receipt number (our staff will help you fill it out).
You can better your chances of winning by buying more shoes (a win-win right?)
If you spend €150 you get 2 tickets.
If you spend €300 you get 10 tickets.
If you spend €400 you get 15 tickets.
You’ll then put the ticket in a box. The winner will be chosen at random from the box on the 27th June. Once the card is chosen we’ll call the person’s mobile number and ask them a simple question. If they get the answer right, they need to bring the winning receipt to our San Gwann branch and the money is theirs.
Easy, right?
We’ll be getting rid of the cards so none of your details will be retained for any future promotions.

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