We totally get it. When you get dressed in the morning, it’s not simply about looking good – it’s about making a statement. When you put time, effort and money into crafting the perfect look to suit your personality, you would never dream of ruining it all with a scruffy pair of worn-out shoes that should probably be put into retirement. After choosing every element that makes up your outfit, you do not want your shoes to have you falling at the last hurdle.

Shoes, ladies and gentlemen, are anything but an afterthought. On the contrary – sometimes it is in fact your shoes which can really turn a collection of clothes into a fully-fledged ​look.Just as the wrong pair of shoes can take you from a finely-tailored suit to a full-on flop, theperfect ​pair can elevate an ‘okay’ outfit into something really special.

Change it up.


To dress an outfit up or down all you need to do is hop out of one pair and slip into another. That alone shows us how shoes really ​are ​the outfit! If your personal collection just isn’t enough, we’ve got you covered at King Shoe Shop because we bring in new stock every week to keep things fresher than fresh.

Mix and mingle


The more daring dressers among us are never afraid to mix casual pieces with a more formal shoe and the right statement jewellery. Similarly, fearless fashionistas all over the world know exactly how to get that easy, effortless look by pairing a casual pair of shoes with typically more ‘formal’ pieces. It’s all about finding the right style to send you strutting out into the world feeling comfortable and confident.

(They’ll) be there for you


You can never go wrong with a good quality pair of stylish shoes. This is a fact. Whether you’re rushing to add that finishing touch to your favourite tailored suit or simply want something to make your look pop when you hit Blank this weekend, you can always depend on a pair of shoes from King Shoe Shop. Why? Well, we only stock tried-and-tested brands that we believe in.

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