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German Origins

A brand designed for women.

Tamaris is a German brand which is mainly targeted towards the contemporary woman. Tamaris symbolises the fashion expectations of the quality-aware, cost-conscious woman who sees a brand not just as a lifestyle label, but who also values it as a personal promise of performance. For the modern woman – influenced more than ever by lifestyle developments – the Tamaris brand represents quality coupled with design.

Brand Characteristics

Why Tamaris is so great.

However, the brand is not just characterised by fashion and trends. Tamaris is also constantly engaged in optimisation and innovation processes to completely satisfy the shoe-lover’s needs. The brand combines premium quality, expertise in brands and an exceptional price/performance ratio in perfect synergy. King Shoe Shop have been importing the brand for the past 25years and have seen the brand develop within the local market to exceed expectations.

The Tamaris Shoes

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